New Mims Art / Mims Victims video is up!

2015-01-11 04:27:57 by MimsArt

In my last post I already showed you that I decided to redo one of my older dolls that I still own. It's Agnes (doll 11) and 12 dolls and 9 months of skills later I have remade her to what you see on the right side. Doing this with a few other dolls as well, by the way. 


Check it out here:

It will only take 10 minutes of your time. Subscribe for a new video every week! 

Lots of love and creepiness, Mariam


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2015-01-24 19:18:06

I was just watching this video on youtube! It's great! How do you keep the doll faces from breaking when your working with them? Especially with the sanding part? I would think that the porcelain would be very fragile

MimsArt responds:

Yeah, I guess you would expect that porcelain is fragile, but it's guite thick actually, the shell of the face is at least half a centimeter thick. And I can be quite rough with it and it won't break. I wouldn't be able to break it with my hands, only if I smash it against something REALLY hard! The sculpting matter that I use has a chemical base, so it's not water based (that's usually quite fragile and cracks easily, like clay) and that's almost impossible to crack once it's dry.

Thank you so much for watching! <3