I launched a Mims Art Youtube channel and an Etsy shop!

2014-12-27 05:01:20 by MimsArt

I had been thinking about it for a while, but it has finally happened: my own creative Youtube channel. My first video is up, where I show you how I (re)sculpt one of my dolls.



And my second video will also be up this weekend, where I show you how I paint the face and put on the hair. In this case synthetic (human looking) hair. Yarn will be a seperate video. 

I will also be posting other creative and silly stuff! I am planning on recreating my dolls's faces with make-up (on myself), making other types of dolls (like ragdolls) in a DIY video, showing you how I shop for dolls and all the supplies that I use, painting on canvas, maybe also drawing, making a dollcostume... I have been going to an annual fantasy festival for some years now and I have already been a doll twice! It's getting better and freakier every year, haha. Also planning on making short films with dolls at some point (stop motion or something else), but not sure when yet. I only have a limited amount of free time right now and I need to make dolls suitable for stop motion. And ofcourse: ideas for stories. 

So lots of (I think) awesome stuff coming up! I am really extremely happy and proud about my project and my channel. I am planning on posting one video every sunday, so please subsribe if you are interested!

I also launched an Etsy shop! I used to sell through my Facebook page and I had a Storenvy shop, but I didn't quite like that website. Etsy might be a better place for my dolls. So if you ar looking into buying one of my freaky lovelies (I sell internationally), check it out here: 


About: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MimsVictims/about | Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MimsVictims

I am also making a website where I can properly show all my dollcreations, like a portfolio. I will stay on Newgrounds as well ofcourse (still busy uploading all the dollcreations), but there are 22 dolls right now - working on the 23rd and still counting - and I would like people to look at them as a whole. They can be so different and I just want to show them all at the same time! I think a website can be a good place for that. 

If you read all this, THANK YOU! <3 And see you around. 

Lots of love and creepiness, Mariam.



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2014-12-27 05:05:23

I thought you were going to do stop motion with those dolls, that would be something worth watching!

MimsArt responds:

I am definitely planning on making short films with dolls at some point! I forgot to mention it. *editing* Unfortunately only some of the dolls would be suitable to use for stop motion. But none of them are ideal for it. Most of them are wired on the inside, but often so tightly that they can only move their legs and arms slightly up and down. So for stop motion I would haveto pick out the right dolls or make them from scratch (not from porcelain dolls).

Thanks for the input! : D I think I will actually look through my doll supply and keep the ones that could be suitable for stop motion just for that!