Entry #1

My dolls are my victims and my friends...

2014-12-13 18:20:38 by MimsArt

Well, hello there. My name is Mariam... But you can call me Mim. 

So what is this weird girl doing with these dolls? I find old porcelain dolls and customize them into my lovely and slightly creepy friends. I call them my victims, but really they are my friends. I make so many of them, that I can't possibly look after them all. So I sell them too! Right now I sell them through my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MimsVictims) and Storenvy (http://mimsvictims.storenvy.com/), but that might change soon. I'm still looking for a good place. I am capable of making my own dolls from scratch, I have and I will more in the future, but this has been my passion since last summer.

Will you be my friend too? 


Here's Ophelia (Victim nr. 16), Tabitha (Victim nr. 20) and Clarice (Victim nr. 19). 


Lots of love and creepiness, 



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2014-12-17 00:29:36

wowee these dolls look really cool! you find the porcelain dolls in thrift shops or yard sales? I have a ton of porcelain dolls, but I don't have the heart to paint over them their features have a charm that i don't want to change.

MimsArt responds:

Yes, exactly that: thrift shops and yard sales! It's amazing how many dolls I can find here (in the Netherlands) just in thrift shops. I can usually just go to the same (big one) and I always find new ones! Have about 20 ready... It's an addiction, haha! And thank you! c: