The "Making of" my first stop motion video is up!

2015-03-29 06:59:38 by MimsArt

Hello my spooky friends!


The making of my first stop motion video If Only I Had a Friend is up on my Youtube channel right now! 

Here it is:


And if you haven't seen it yet, here is the actual stop motion video:

Thank you for watching if you did and subscribe if you haven't yet! : D

You can find my on all these places: 

Youtube channel:
Etsy dollshop:
Instagram dolls: mimsvictims
Personal instagram: doll.mim



Lots of love and spookiness,

Mariam (Mim)

I AM SO PROUD! I know it might not seem like much, but I think I did a great job for my first stop motion video with absolutely no budget. It's only two minutes long, so please watch it and leave a comment (on Youtube) if you like it! I will be making more of these in the future. c: Also thanks to my talented boyfriend Alexander Wiklund, who did the music and sound design. <3



Thank you for watching if you did! ;D

Lots of love and creepiness,



I have a new video up! Why not check it out? I'm redoing one of my older dolls, so it includes sculpting and painting. 


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Lots of love and creepiness, 



I made Franka the ragdoll for my boyfriend, for our anniversary. He also already has a boy zombiedoll made by me. I thought I would take the opportunity to make a How To video about it. I will not do something like this again very soon, because editing these videos was veeeeery timeconsuming! But part two is now up! Part 1 was up last week. So if you'd like to see how I made this doll, watch my videos about it: 

Part 1 (Design and face):

Part 2 (Body, hair and dress):


Lots of zombielove,


Adorable soft doll couple. <3

2015-01-19 09:12:03 by MimsArt

I made these doll versions of me and my boyfriend Alexander. <3 

I just love him a lot! Or I'm a voodoo doctor... Who knows, really? 

I uploaded them both seperately (so check those out for more pictures), but here's a picture of them together. SO CUUUUTE, RIGHT!? Just like the real thing! c: I think it's obvious, but just to be sure: It's him on the left and me on the right. 


Lots of love and cuddles,


In my last post I already showed you that I decided to redo one of my older dolls that I still own. It's Agnes (doll 11) and 12 dolls and 9 months of skills later I have remade her to what you see on the right side. Doing this with a few other dolls as well, by the way. 


Check it out here:

It will only take 10 minutes of your time. Subscribe for a new video every week! 

Lots of love and creepiness, Mariam

Two new Mims Victims creations

2015-01-09 08:26:20 by MimsArt

Here is my latest creation, her name is Hilda. <3 


Why not leave a comment what you think about her?

Here are two Youtube videos where you can see me working on her:


Painting and hair:


I also redid Agnes! On the right is the current form. Don't you think I have improved? I will be redoing some other dolls as well. Leave a comment on her new self here:



Lots of love and creepiness, 


Hey everyone! 

I have two new videos up on my Mims Art Youtube channel. Please check them out, I put my heart and soul into them. I will upload a new video every sunday! Please subscribe for many different creative things to come like short doll films, silly doll clips, watch me sculpt, paint, wig and dress my dolls, painting on canvas, drawing on paper, more creative vlogs, who knows what else!

Todays new video


Last weeks video:


Thank you so much for watching if you did! <3

Lots of love and creepiness, 


I launched a Mims Art Youtube channel and an Etsy shop!

2014-12-27 05:01:20 by MimsArt

I had been thinking about it for a while, but it has finally happened: my own creative Youtube channel. My first video is up, where I show you how I (re)sculpt one of my dolls.


And my second video will also be up this weekend, where I show you how I paint the face and put on the hair. In this case synthetic (human looking) hair. Yarn will be a seperate video. 

I will also be posting other creative and silly stuff! I am planning on recreating my dolls's faces with make-up (on myself), making other types of dolls (like ragdolls) in a DIY video, showing you how I shop for dolls and all the supplies that I use, painting on canvas, maybe also drawing, making a dollcostume... I have been going to an annual fantasy festival for some years now and I have already been a doll twice! It's getting better and freakier every year, haha. Also planning on making short films with dolls at some point (stop motion or something else), but not sure when yet. I only have a limited amount of free time right now and I need to make dolls suitable for stop motion. And ofcourse: ideas for stories. 

So lots of (I think) awesome stuff coming up! I am really extremely happy and proud about my project and my channel. I am planning on posting one video every sunday, so please subsribe if you are interested!

I also launched an Etsy shop! I used to sell through my Facebook page and I had a Storenvy shop, but I didn't quite like that website. Etsy might be a better place for my dolls. So if you ar looking into buying one of my freaky lovelies (I sell internationally), check it out here: 


About: | Shop:

I am also making a website where I can properly show all my dollcreations, like a portfolio. I will stay on Newgrounds as well ofcourse (still busy uploading all the dollcreations), but there are 22 dolls right now - working on the 23rd and still counting - and I would like people to look at them as a whole. They can be so different and I just want to show them all at the same time! I think a website can be a good place for that. 

If you read all this, THANK YOU! <3 And see you around. 

Lots of love and creepiness, Mariam.


My dolls are my victims and my friends...

2014-12-13 18:20:38 by MimsArt

Well, hello there. My name is Mariam... But you can call me Mim. 

So what is this weird girl doing with these dolls? I find old porcelain dolls and customize them into my lovely and slightly creepy friends. I call them my victims, but really they are my friends. I make so many of them, that I can't possibly look after them all. So I sell them too! Right now I sell them through my Facebook page ( and Storenvy (, but that might change soon. I'm still looking for a good place. I am capable of making my own dolls from scratch, I have and I will more in the future, but this has been my passion since last summer.

Will you be my friend too? 


Here's Ophelia (Victim nr. 16), Tabitha (Victim nr. 20) and Clarice (Victim nr. 19). 


Lots of love and creepiness,